Charging your tenants for Water

Water is a resource that comes free from the sky, but once it hits the ground it develops a cost.

In a normal domestic residence that has Electricity Gas & Water – if gas is used for heating
Water Is the second most expensive utility. An average 2 bed house/flat water bill is approx. £550 pa.
In England new homes are always now water metered. But older properties are billed on a fixed charge basis..  ie a virtual water meter

Smartlink45 – Prepayment Metering can prepay up to 3 utilities in a single transaction.

If a water meter is not possible to install, another acceptable way of recovering the cost of providing water for landlords is charging a Virtual Water fee by increasing the standing charge to cover the cost of water.

The Service charge or standing charge is deducted daily from the tenant’s credit., and covers all costs for operation of the system.