About Us

We are a genuine ‘One-Stop Metering Solution’

Meters UK was started by Derek Pye back in 1981. Electric meters were the order of the day and water and gas were introduced due to demand. The company found a niche in the market supplying prepaid card meters and sold them by the dozen. Many of those first meters are still in operation today.

Continually looking to find ways of servicing the market, Meters UK employed a team of engineers to come up with researching and developing products that were needed in the market. Modbus and M-Bus interface units, pulse splitters and remote counter units, were developed, to name a few.
Meters UK is the only manufacturer of heat meters in the UK with certification from the National Measurement Office and has a registered trademark for the range, Smartheat45.

Our Smartlink45 meters were developed for meter reading and prepayment. All transactions are done online, the meters can be connected up to a total 3 utilities, and billed/paid through a single account. The product has gained favour with councils, hospitals, housing associations, private landlords and business parks. We are currently working on LoRa to be incorporated with Smartlink45 which will open an entirely new market for us.

As a design and manufacturing organisation, we are able to offer design specifications for projects, both large and small. Meters UK are also working on entering the marine industry supplying solutions for harbours and docks.

Meters UK supply to the whole of the UK, Dubai, Greece, Europe, India as well as the surrounding islands.

We have ISO 9001 accreditation and are fully committed to following our environmental policy.

Nearly 40 years of industry know-how