Quick Guide for M-Bus and Modbus Jargon

Data Logger
Interprets all the readings received from each meter into an easy format to read and view.

Baud Rate : Transmission speed
Measuring instruments communicate at various speeds.
M-Bus speeds range from 2400 | 4800 | 9600
Modbus speeds range from 1200 | 2400 | 4800 | 9600

Polarity dependent means that the wires cannot be crossed
Not polarity dependent means the wires can be crossed

How the network is arranged. How each meter is connected to the main data logger.

Each meter has an “address/number” on the network. (usually between 1-250 addresses).  Each meter location needs to be identified on the network so that each reading can be tied to a specific area.  Should a meter go faulty then a replacement can be done easily.

Each meter point (upto 250) are known as slaves. All slaves are to be connected in the most direct way.

Cable Length
Please check the specific cable to use for either Modbus or M-Bus.
The maximum allowed length of cable must be strictly adhered to, otherwise transmission errors could occur, causing functional disturbances.  Other variants are the mount of slaves on the network and the baud rate setting. It is advised to permanently label all the cables used in order to prevent any confusion.