Meters UK, the largest independent online prepayment metering company, today announced that their service fees will not be increased, even in the wake of the latest Ofgem announcement.

Unlike most prepayment meter companies, who have multiple charges connected to their metering services, Meters UK have ONE charge per meter per day.  This includes roaming sim cards, bank charges, 24/7 customer helpline and programming.

After years of research, development and testing Meters UK started to supply online prepayment metering and reading for both landlords and multicomplex businesses, including councils, from 2019.  Since that time the company has been striving to continually improve their product range and services to meet the consumer demand.  Even today their specialised engineers are working tirelessly to bring new products to market.

The Smartlink brand symbolises the best of UK design and manufacturing.  The service enables landlords with multi-occupancy buildings to bill their tenants individually, whilst still paying the main utility bill.  The product is a popular alternative to the norm, due to the fact that the software has and is designed around the end user and the ease of use.  The tenants do not need to open accounts or register online, the only information they need is their meter number.  Payment is made through a secure payment portal with a debit or credit card and their meter is topped up immediately.  Should tenants be more comfortable with cash, then a cash top up system is available to the landlord or designated retail outlet.  The system works on a roaming sim card, so access to the internet is always available.  Tenants do not need to have their own broadband or internet in order for the service to work, as it is totally independent.

Whilst the tenants can view top ups and energy usage off their physical meters, landlords can also sit back and relax, as Meters UK handle everything for them.  No need to open accounts or learn the basics of programming, each landlord has their meters tailor-made to suit their needs.  Electricity, gas, water, oil and or heat, each meter can accommodate up to 3 utilities. Should the landlord want to charge for water but the pipework is not separated to each flat and in order to ensure the separation will cost a fortune not to mention a bit of a mess, Smartlink can assist with virtual water charging.  One charge, split between all the flats, and deducted off the tenants credit on a daily basis, which is then transferred to the landlord at the end of each month.

All meters within the landlords portfolio is available for them to view online, detailing usage, credit amounts and payments made. Credit and usage readings are updated once a day, whilst payments are shown as they occur.  Staff are always available to assist with any queries, programming or advice the landlords may need.  With dedicated individuals continually striving to improve the system, no wonder Smartlink is fast becoming the product of choice.

Meters UK was started by Derek Pye back in 1981. Electric meters were the first product and water and gas meters were added due to demand. The company found a niche in the market supplying prepaid card meters and many of those first meters are still in operation today.

Continually looking to find ways of servicing the market, Meters UK employed a team of engineers to research and develop products that were needed in the market. As a design and manufacturing organisation, we are able to offer design specifications for projects, both large and small.