LoRa (“long range”) radio technology, is intended for reliable communication of small amounts of data over long distances (several kilometers), as well as low power applications.

LoRa is the physical radio layer enabling long-range communication links and tweaks the data into electromagnetic waves. It uses a transmission method called “Chirp Spread Spectrum,” encoding data in frequency-modulated “chirps.” This transmission method has been used in military and space communication for decades.

Mesh networking is a network topology where nodes communicate with one another either directly (if they are in range) or indirectly via intermediate nodes. In fact, the path may involve several intermediate nodes. With mesh networking, LoRa nodes can be spread out across a further distance but can still communicate with one another, as long as there is some connectivity between nodes in the mesh.

Every node can talk to every other node, even though the network is only partially connected.

Meters UK use LoRa communication with our prepayment meters of 5 units and upwards.  This ensures that the Network is used for large sites or where the signal strength is intermittent or low.  This is also a great solution for flats in the basement or where the signal strength is hindered as each flats meter will act as a channel for communication between the meter and the cloud.

Instead of each meter working as a direct link to the cloud, this network allows each meter to act as a link, which helps boost an individual meters signal, should that particular signal strength be weak.

Through this technology, greater distances can be achieved and signal boosted.  The system is also cheaper and more reliable.

Manuals and Installation Diagrams