The new Time Out Market is the main feature of the 135,000 sq ft space, which has been dubbed Waterloo.London. It will also have 40 ‘glass-fronted units’ across three floors, and a new pedestrianised street known as the Waterloo Curve. The Time Out Market will consists of 17 restaurants and three bars, with 500 seats over two floors.

Waterloo.London will be located in the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station.

Waterloo.London — where almost 100 million passengers flow through every year is right at the heart of the city and the popular South Bank neighbourhood which is already attracting locals and visitors with fantastic restaurants, bars, galleries, theatres and more. To resolve the differing levels and geometries of the former Eurostar Terminal’s 3-pin arch roof and that of Waterloo Station, a new elegant glass enclosure will connect the two.

While the former connection was through a lower level known as the sunken Orchestra Pit, a new pedestrian link will bridge over this level, connecting the main station to a new generous concourse area. Through this bold move, a direct connection between the iconic Victory Arch entrance and the new platforms 20–24 is provided and for the very first time the former Eurostar Terminal will provide seamlessly integrated additional capacity for domestic services.

The design also encompasses new concourse interchange stairs, lifts and ramps to improve accessibility for all across the concourse and platforms and new staff facilities.

Meters UK is proud to be part of this project from the beginning, working on the designs for the implementation of the heating system, Smartheat45.