Over a number of years, the emergency services in London have invested heavily in renewable energy systems and have used PA-Energy  London to supply and install the metering and automated monitoring systems.

From this PA-Energy London needed to ensure that their systems worked efficiently in both terms of being able to accurately calculate the energy generated by solar, CHP electricity and heat energy, bio and wind.

The data is being used for the client to report on their renewable generation KPI’s and for condition monitoring of the renewables.

For this they needed an independent piece of equipment that could share output from the meters.

Having worked with Meters UK Ltd over a number of years, they contacted us to discuss how our Pulse Splitter could help achieve this.

Meters UK Ltd Pulse Splitters have a unique software, that smooths out the pulses from the meters making them into square wave output pulses.  This greatly improves reading reliability for Building Management Systems and Automatic Meter Reading Systems.

Percy Albuquerque from PA-Energy said “We have been using Pulse Splitters from Meters UK Ltd since 2013 to collect data and link to Building Management Systems.  It has been very cost effective for us and it definitely does what is says on the tin”.