Smartheat45 online meter reading forms part of the Smartlink options we have available.

We can do heat as one option or you can add electricity, gas and/or cold water to the mix.

Our Smartheat system is tailored to suite your individual needs, is cost effective and allows, landlords of multi-occupancy housing to read their tenants meters online. Electric, gas, water and heat can be monitored through one tenant meter. Therefore all utilities are under one account, allowing for a cost effective, smart meter solution.  All meters are pre-programmed and administered by Meters UK, allowing you peace of mind, in that everything is done for you.

• Easy installation. No broadband or internet required. Your portfolio is tailored to your individual needs and all information is readily available to you with the click of a button.
• The landlord portal is available to you 24/7.
• Our administration team keep you up to date with new developments and are on hand for all your queries and requirements, should you need any changes or advice.

The web portal gives the landlord access to:-
• Readings for each utility and usage per meter, both daily and historic.
• Access to graphs and ability to export information via csv. file to Excel or another accounting package.

Office Park Developments
Social Housing Associations
Caravan Parks
Property Developers
Estate Agents

Our team will speak to you to find out your exact needs. We will give you an online demonstration of how the landlord portals work and will then, on your instruction, send you a quotation detailing all your requirements.

On acceptance of the quotation and receipt of payment, we will then send you the contract, which will include documentation, which you will need to return, detailing meters location, plus company contact information.

Meters will be despatched to you within 10 working days, or sooner if required. Your fitter will on completion of the installation call our technical department, so that we can ensure the meters are working correctly and we can communicate with them. We will then activate the meters and they will be live for online readings.

We ensure that all meters are working and if we encounter any issues, we contact you immediately. Our team are available to assist 24/7.

Call 01524 555 929 or email for more information. Or Click here for the Smartlink Reading page.