Mosspark Childrens unit in Glasgow is a new children’s residential care unit in Cardonald.

Planning permission for a two-storey building at 996 Mosspark Drive was granted back in December 2019, on the site of the former Labour Club.

Eight bedrooms will be located within the building, with every room having an en-suite bathroom attached.

Councillor McSporran said: “Many children require support for various reasons and with the community support we believe this unit will help improve the lives of the children.

“I would hope that our community, which I am proud to represent, will be welcoming to those using the facility and make them feel they are very much part of our community.”

The new unit is part of a development programme to modernise the care and support arrangements for children and young people.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow’s Health and Social Care Partnership said: “The modernisation of our children’s homes enables children and young people to stay in their own city, enabling them to attend school in Glasgow and maintain their local connections in the city.

“Such new homes also reflect the aspirations of the recent national review of care for young people and ‘The Promise’ to provide our young citizens with the best start possible in life.”

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