Canary Wharf College Trust has been approved by the Department for Education to open a second Primary School on the Isle of Dogs. This school opened its doors in September 2014 with Reception and Year One children.

Canary Wharf College’s aim is “to live, share and celebrate the love of learning”; this will be achieved in a Christian environment whilst welcoming children from different faiths and cultures. The curriculum is the same as our partner primary school which sets out to encourage the diverse talents of the children fostering intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development. There is a strong emphasis on Mathematics, Technology and Science supported by a vibrant Creative Arts programme. High standards of academic success are achieved through individual attention, provided by highly qualified professionals in a nurturing and caring family atmosphere. Canary Wharf College Glenworth was inspected by Ofsted in May 2017, receiving the same Outstanding grading as Canary Wharf College, East Ferry.

Meters UK supplied Smartheat45 meters to the college.