3 MILLS STUDIOS.  London’s largest film and TV studio, 3 Mills Studios is one of east London’s greatest creative success stories.

Renowned filmmakers including Danny Boyle, Stephen Daldry, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Bill Condon and David Cronenberg have all used its facilities for feature films, while countless television, commercials and music videos have been filmed on site.  It is popular due to its location, with excellent transport links to central London, and for its facilities, which include nine filming stages from 3,800 sq. ft. to 13,500 sq. ft. and twelve theatre spaces ranging from 280 sq. ft. to 3,945 sq. ft. Stage 5 has the same floor size as the Royal Albert Hall arena, making it one of the only indoor venues suitable for large scale ballet, theatre and opera rehearsals.

3 Mills Studios also offers production offices, construction and prop stores, make up, costumes and green rooms and a mix of production related tenants such as catering, camera hire and casting.

The studios comprise of 9 filming stages, 12 dedicated rehearsal rooms, 170 production offices, 12 dressing rooms, 8 make up rooms; 62 seat screening room and 5 prop stores.

Meters UK are supplying our Smartlink45 Meter Reading system for the entire network after 3 Mills tested the system on a few recording studios.