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A vortex flowmeter provides accurate volumetric and mass flow measurement of steam, gases and liquids as an all-in one solution and include integrated pressure and temperature compensation. A compact vortex flowmeter in a single transmitter version, and is suitable for measuring industrial steam, gases, as well as conductive and non-conductive liquids. E.g. steam (saturated steam, superheated steam), industrial gases (compressed air, nitrogen, liquefied gases, flue gases), and conductive and non-conductive liquids (demineralized water, boiler feed water, solvents, heat transfer oil).

When the medium flows through the Bluff body at a certain speed, an alternately arranged vortex belt is generated behind the sides of the Bluff body, called the “von Kármán vortex“. Since both sides of the vortex generator alternately generate the vortex, the pressure pulsation is generated on both sides of the generator, which makes the detector produce alternating stress. The piezoelectric element encapsulated in the detection probe body generates an alternating charge signal with the same frequency as the vortex, under the action of alternating stress. The frequency of these pulses is directly proportional to flow rate. The signal is sent to the intelligent flow totalizer to be processed after being amplified by the pre-amplifier.

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A vortex flowmeter is a flowmeter used to measure the velocity of fluid in a closed pipe. It’s a broad-spectrum flow meter which can be used for metering, measurement and control of most steam, gas and liquid flow for a very unique medium versatility, high stability and high reliability with no moving parts. The vortex flowmeter is relatively economical because of its simple flow measurement system and ease of maintenance. It is widely used in heavy industrial applications, power facilities, and energy industries, particularly in steam processes.

It has the following distinguishing advantages:

  • simple structure and low failure rate, no moving parts and high reliability
  • Simple installation and convenient maintenance
  • It offers very low power consumption, allowing for use in remote areas
  • The detection sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, with stable performance and long service life
  • The output is a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, no zero drift, and high accuracy
  • The pressure loss is small, the operating cost is low, and it is more energy-saving
  • Largely unaffected by changes in pressure, density, temperature and viscosity

Application Range

Vortex flowmeters are suitable for a variety of applications and industries but work best with clean, low-viscosity, medium to high speed fluids.

Some of the main uses include:

  • Custody transfer of natural gas metering
  • Steam measurement
  • Flow of liquid suspensions
  • General water applications
  • Liquid chemicals & pharmaceuticals

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