Temperature Sensor Replacements

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Need a new sensor lead set, please see below to order.

Need to change your existing strap on sensors to the Government approved temperature sensors and T-pieces ?  Please order the leads and pieces separately.

IMP1 = 15mm | 20mm | 32mm | 40mm
Each package comes with:
2 x DHAS 1.5m Sencor Lead with sensor

IMP2 = 50mm | 65mm |80mm  | 100mm | 125mm | 150mm | 200mm

Each package comes with:
2 x DHAS 1.5m Sencor Lead with sensor


Welding Boss and pockets, please order here.

Should you require a longer distance than 10m, please call for pricing or order the Smartheat Remote Sensor Interface with a maximum distance of 1km here.

Please call 01524 555 929 or email sales if you have any further queries.




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• Digital High Accuracy Sensors (DHAS) provide high accuracy and reliability for temperature measurement of liquids, both hot and cold water piped systems
• Each device has a unique 64 bit serial code stored on an onboard ROM which means that the sensors cannot be wired incorrectly on installation
• Digital signalling ensures both high accuracy and ease of installation
• Does not require calibration over the 20 year lifespan
• DHAS sensors can be trimmed without damaging accuracy and do not have to be a matched pair

• Temperature Operating Range -55°C + 125°C
• Storage Range +55°C + 130°C
• Accuracy 0.5% for each sensor (tested by The National Measurements Office)

• 3 Wire heat resistant cable 0.5mm
• Temperature range -25°C to 130°C
• Silicone insulation
• Fire exposure minimal smoke and fumes



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1.5m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 50m


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