You need to be Smart and you need to ensure that your information is protected.

We believe that protecting your money and creditials is vital and have therefore made the Meters UK pledge of ensuring that you get the best value for your money and we are now giving you a tool to do the same with your personal information and banking details.

The Meters UK Smart Link RFiD scanblock card is a single plastic card that you keep in your wallet. This card will protect your bank cards
when an outside signal is received a protective shield surrounds your wallet and blocks the requested data.

You can test this for yourself by holding your contactless debit/credit card and scanblock together by a contactless machine. Your card
details will not be read until the scanblock card is removed.

What the media says ?
Criminals use RFID and NFC wireless communication to steal numbers.  These readers can be brought online or downloaded to phone
via an app. Criminals have to stand six inches away while a transaction is being made. Within a matter of seconds, the technology can pick up and store all your data from your contactless debit/credit cards  A $300 machine can then replicate the card so it can be used
elsewhere It is estimated 70% cards will soon be vulnerable to digital pick pocketing.

Cards can be protected from RFID skimmers by being wrapped in tin foil.

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