Dear Tenant,

If you prepay the Smartlink meter for ELECTRICITY and are querying the Govement Rebate, Please contact your landlord directly as we have NO control over the credits issued on to your meter.

If you HAVE received a credit, (will show under the payments menu) you need to understand the following:-

The £ 400 rebate is being issued to the person who has the account with the energy company ONLY (ie the Landlord) NOT every household.

The credits are issued onto the landlords energy account in the following amounts
October: £ 66.00 | November: £ 66.00 | December: £ 67.00 | January: £ 67.00 | February: £ 67.00 | March: £ 67.00

Your landlord will only receive £ 66.00. Therefore the credit will be SPLIT between the tenants.
Ie. 66.00 divided by 4 tenants = 16.50 each.
66.00 divided by 15 tenants = 4.40 each.

If you are not happy with this, you will need to speak to the council. We cannot assist and your landlord cannot assist giving you more money, that is all there is.

Thank you and have a good day.