24 August 2018

Dear Valued Client,


Meters UK is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. As a Meter developer and provider, we understand that technology evolution allows our customers to establish and maintain competitive advantages, achieve operational efficiencies, and provide superior customer service. At Meters UK, we view product EOL as a part of the life cycle that drives new technology and product innovation. All technology products eventually reach the end of their useful life requiring a business decision to discontinue availability and maintenance.

The S800-Series Prepayment meter ceased to be produced as of February 2017 and as such, we must make a difficult business decision to announce the EOL on the Series 800 meter cards. The meter cards will no longer be available to purchase after 30th September 2018, or until stocks last. After this date the cards will not be available in a pack of 400 the minimum quantity will be 2000 and remaining stocks may be sold at a premium.

Meters UK understands how integral the cards are to our customer’s overall infrastructure, however, we have developed newer technology which is web based and provides more productivity and greater efficiency in the same or similar applications as these older products. SMARTLINK45 https://metersuk.co.uk/smartlink-45/

Please contact Meters UK to discuss how, the latest products, may benefit your organisation and should you wish to upgrade to the latest product, what discounts may be on offer for you to do this.

We are continually striving to improve our services and assure you of our best service and continued customer support at all times.

Should you have any further queries or need to contact us, please call 01524 555 929 or you can chat with us online through the ‘Let’s Talk’ portal.

Yours sincerely,

Meters UK Team